mR Meike Ramon
Meike Ramon
Cognitive Neuroscientist | Yogi
Researcher & Mentor | Always a student

I am fascinated by the visual system’s remarkable capacity to process our continually changing environment.

How is this normally achieved, and what are the consequences of brain damage?

How do experience and task demands interact to determine behavior, and what are their neurofunctional correlates?

To address these questions, a large part of my work focuses on face processing and involves various methods including neuropsychology, psychophysics, oculomotor behavior, and neuroimaging.

I am thankful for my amazing collaborators, who challenge me and make my work possible.

If you are interested in our work, want to do your thesis with us, or just want to talk about science - contact me!

For a full list of publications click here; my most recent papers can be found below.

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