I have the privilege of working with various international police agencies interested in human face processing. Read below for an overview of past and ongoing work.


Since 2017 I am a scientific advisor to State Office of Criminal Investigation of the Berlin Police.

Together we have been developing a bespoke assessment tool to identify Super-Recognizers among the >24.000 employees of the Berlin Police.

This ongoing work has been featured in the news. For publications related to this project check here.



Since autumn 2016 I have been leading a project in which international Super-Recognizers support the Police’s efforts to identify criminal suspects.

Thanks to the careful measures adopted by the team – involving video material and line-ups from previously solved cases – we now know that some Super-Recognizers can offer valuable insights for our work. I am certain that this very exciting research and our continued collaboration will help us in the future.Cantonal Police, Fribourg, Switzerland