• University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Neural signatures of face discrimination in Super-Recognizers
Sophie Gay-des-Combes  (Master thesis)

Identifying Super-Recognizers – new diagnostic tools
Faustine Etter (Master thesis)

Facial information sampling in Super-Recognizers
Marielle Yerly (Master thesis)

L’influence du genre sur la reconnaissance des visages Nour Al-Khodairy (Bachelor thesis)

L’impact de la familiarité et l’hémichamp sur le traitement rapide des visageMorgane Bulliard (Bachelor thesis)

L’influence de la vision centrale et périphérique sur la reconnaissance des visages familiers Aurelie Christinaz (Bachelor thesis)

Le genre et l’hemichamp de presentations influencent-ils la rapidite de traitement d’un visages? Lysiane Constantin (Bachelor thesis)

Mapping the neural coding of preferred facial information sampling Lisa Stacchi (Master thesis)

Implicit recognition of personally familiar faces in acquired prosopsagnosia Mattia Moggio (Master thesis)

  • University of Glasgow, UK

Exploring the Boundaries of The Flashed Face Distortion Effect: Timing and Face Specificity
Jonathan Hunsley (Bachelor thesis)

  • University of Louvain, Belgium

Gradually revealed properties of general and familiar face processing—an fMRI study
Joan Liu-Shuang (Master thesis)
Awarded Belgian Association for Psychological Sciences Best Thesis Award



  • MSc Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Interactions between memory and perception

Social, cognitive and affective neuroscience

Experimental programming in Eprime

  • Summer School, University of Glasgow, UK

History of psychology & abnormal psychology

  • BSc and MSc in Psychology, University of Louvain, Belgium

Travaux pratiques en psychologie